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Proposed way forward wrt reversal of older FX transactions

In one of my mails of december 2011 I mentioned we have a problem with
the reversal of payments to foreign currency AR and AP transactions.
The problem is that the amount in the original currency isn't recorded
anywhere. Instead, the FX amount is calculated dynamically (everytime
it's required) using the 'transdate' field in the AR, AP and ACC_TRANS

However, the TRANSDATE field also serves as the posting date. When
periods have been closed, no transactions prior to the end of that
period can be posted anymore, meaning it's impossible to post fx
transactions using an older rate.

Chris, you said the logical way forward is to have two currency
columns: one local and the other transactional currency. And I agree
with that for the long term. However, for the shorter (1.3/1.4) term,
I've still been thinking about other solutions. One solution which
requires adding a column, but doesn't require a new understanding of
the 'amount' column in the database:

What about introducing a new column named FX_REFERENCE_DATE. All older
transactions will need to be set up to hold the 'transdate' in the
fx_reference_date field. We'll need to change a query here and there,
but we'll at least be able to post with old fx rates, because we can
now submit a date other than the transdate.