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Re: LaTeX - some logos print, others don't.

Ok! Stand back! I found it everybody!

It works - in 1.2.17 - if you use a .png logo.

Whilst preparing my late payment reminder letter today I came across this problem again, wanting to add a signature at the bottom of the letter, but also this time I found that LedgerSMB creates files in / tmp including the output of the LaTeX conversion process.

It said:

  ! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .eps.

  See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
  Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

   l.120 ...l/ledgersmb/templates/stroller/signature.eps}

(the above ellipses are literal)

The same file converted perfectly in my homedir, but some Googling suggests that eps is non-native to LaTeX and that some preprocessing is performed. Presumably this LedgerSMB takes care of the preprocessing for logo.eps and this is why alternate-filename.eps fails.


\includegraphics[height=2cm]{/usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/ stroller/signature}

Delete /usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/stroller/signature.eps and replace with a PNG called signature.png


On 23 Apr 2007, at 02:20, Stroller wrote:

Yes, this DOESN'T work (see below).


On 23 Apr 2007, at 01:57, Chris Travers wrote:
The preferred fix for the user templates is to do as follows:

Instead of:



I.e. use the absolute path.
So a user template wanting to include other graphics b0rks out. As I
described in my previous reply to Chris' below comments <http://
tinyurl.com/2mjfqo>, full path names to additional graphics don't
_seem_ to work for me.

  # sudo grep logo /usr/local/ledger-smb/templates/stroller/

_still_ only prints out the file called "logo".

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