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Re: CLI order and invoice scripts (was: COGS and part setup)


Could I prevail on you to release some version of your scripts? I need to
implement this same functionality on a short timetable, and would rather assist
in generalizing working scripts for wider use than reinventing the wheel.

The REST API does not appear to be sufficiently far along to use yet.


Subject:      Re: CLI order and invoice scripts (was: COGS and part setup)
From:         Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..>
Newsgroups:   gmane.comp.finance.ledger.smb.user
Date:         Sat, 31 Mar 2007 12:46:28 -0400

Charley Tiggs wrote:
> I'm using the cli interface to add orders and invoices. It's working
> like a champ and, aside from a few glitches, we couldn't be more
> pleased.

Charley, would you add some version of those CLI scripts to the wiki
documentation or a submit them for inclusion in a /contrib location in the

I'm very interested in a quick method to implement order and invoice automation
prior to the REST interface slated for 1.3.

It would be good for the community to comment on and document a best-practice
for this, since so many users need it.

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