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Please help us get slashdotted - take 2

Again, sorry for the cross-post.

 As Ashley Gittins has mentioned, another attempt to get the license change 
mentioned somewhere has been submitted to slashdot. If you do have a moment 
and a slashdot account, please vote it up:


 Multiple attempts to ask Dieter to let his users know of the license change 
have gone unanswered (although he did ban my email address from the SL list 
in response). Also, I contacted some of the SL users who had been asking 
questions about 2.8.0 directly, to let them know of the license change. Many 
of them were quite surprised that this had happened and thanked me for 
letting them know. I suspect that there are many users out there who are 
upgrading and are completely unaware that they're getting locked in.