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Templates storage


First I want to introduce myself. I am a recent SQL-Ledger refugee that
got tired of the way SQL-Ledger was being developped and the way the
community was run (litterally). I have programming skills, but it is not
my intent to get involved in core developpment, by lack of time.

I do, however, hope I can politely bring my input here to help foster
discussions and views. :)

Now, I just quickly saw this discussion about templates storage, and I
must say that I think they should remain on disk. That has many
advantages, the first being that they can be edited with a regular
editor, through FTP/SSH transfers, instead of being edited through a
complex web interface. Second, it can also be useful to keep people from
editing the templates, by simply making the templates chmod a-w. Third,
I think that it is perfectly possible to have a secure way of storing
and editing those files from the web, if the permissions are set right.
Finally, I think it's easier to integrate with other tools (like latex
for example) if the files are actually on disk.

Then again, I know only so much about the LedgerSMB internals and assume
much, but I feel that templates belong on disk. I don't like having big
blobs in a database... Furthermore, templates often incorporate images,
are you going to put those in the database too?


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