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Re: Template storage mechanism?

Just a couple of points:

I don't think you can do any real validadation of TeX.  That might be
possible in other areas, but since TeX will almost certainly act as
the high-end template system, we have to acknowledge that some level
of validation is going to break down at some point.

On 4/7/07, Ashley J Gittins <..hidden..> wrote:
On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, Christopher Murtagh wrote:
> User generated
> material is data, it's storage place is in the database. The
> application is code, it's storage place is in svn. Ideally, people
> should be able to svn update to a revsision number and all would work.

This all sounds good to me, just one thing though - I am interested in knowing
how you will handle defaults - will the code have hard-coded default
templates in it, or will a new install require loading the db with a set
of "template templates" that they can then go and modify?

We can load all the default templates into the db.  It would be
trivial to do that.

Just thinking about how to ensure that both clean install and later upgrades
stay simple without people having to know that they need to seed their db
with some standard templates or having to manually update their templates if
something changes in the code that works with the templates.

Another thing could be ancilliary files - eg, for my consulting biz I have a
pdf file that I use as a watermark on my invoices, and our retail biz uses
png and eps files that we have our logo in - would those then be stored in
the db somehow, or will we always end up with some "stragglers" out on the

Good question.  I don't know if that has been looked at.  See?  Peer
review is good...

Best Wishes