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Re: Where we are going with 1.3

> On 3/25/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> > 1)  There is some debate (so far, over IRC) over whether to move
> > templates into the database,
> > PRO:
> >   a)  makes for easier security because we can have full ACL-based support
> > CON:
> >   a)  makes it harder to edit using a basic text editor.
> >   b)  adds one more area to the code that will require more extensive
> testing

If there's a REST API for getting and setting templates like every other ledger
data item or system preference, then it is probably best to store templates in
the database.

It would be a nice to say that ledgersmb backups/migrations/restores can be
handled solely with pg_dump, psql and a single file copy of

Re: testing, this is probably the right place for a template syntax checker or
validator. Don't let the template get saved to the database without checking
for variable names, latex/html lint, whatever other checks can be devised.

I'd like to hear about plans for unit/functional/integration testing soon
anyway, so adding template persistence to the database mix doesn't see like
much more complexity at this point.

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