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Re: What are we missing to move wiki to www

On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, Chris Travers wrote:
> I just made a few updates to be aware of:

Thanks Chris!

> Release announcements for 1.2 posted along with changelog.

I already included your notes in the initial news posting for 1.2

> I moved the comment in the about page regarding the "central database"
> for users and preferences from the future planning section to the
> section of new features.

Thanks, I've updated the drupal site's about page to suit.

> Also, Chris Murtagh added our team public GPG key to a link on the
> download page.  Access to this key is necessary for verifying package
> signatures.

Cool. As soon as the small issue with the files module is sorted out (I only 
just came across it and advised Josh today) I can upload that into drupal and 
modify the download page.

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