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Re: What are we missing to move wiki to www

On Tue, 3 Apr 2007, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> I would like to push wiki. to www. as soon as reasonably possible. Is
> there any content on www that isn't on wiki?

(Sorry, only just noticed this post after I sent you some related emails)

The only outstanding issue (as I noted to the list 19/03/07) are the  
screenshots. I had a stab at those today after you installed the image module 
for me early last week. There is a small issue that I've emailed you about re 
getting the image module working.

One other minor thing is a theme tweak which I emailed you on a few minutes 
ago as well, but it's not a show-stopper imo.

I have already pasted Chris' release notes for 1.2.0 to the news (and have 
been posting other release notes as they came up), and as far as I know 
everything is ready to go except the screenshots. I also am very keen to get 
wiki pushed over to www ASAP.

In fact, even if we don't get the images issue sorted out right away, can we 
just do it? I think the advantages of having a user-maintained FAQ etc far 
outweigh anything that's on the existing site (all of which is copied over 
anyway bar screenshots) so I don't see any reason to hold off.

Especially now with the release of 1.2 I think a lot of people are going to 
want to know what the migration path is and how they should strategically 
plan for migration (I for one am weighing up trying to id the point at which 
migration pain vs LSMB-gotchas will balance - should I migrate now while it's 
easy and get bitten by corner-case bugs, or should I wait for more 
stabilisation but face a nastier migration path?). This is all stuff that can 
be hashed out and answered in the FAQ section etc once we can all collaborate 
on it.

+1 vote for hang it all, let's move the drupal site to the live address and 
start getting contributors onboard.

	Ashley J Gittins
	web: 	http://www.purple.dropbear.id.au
	jabber: ..hidden..