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Re: Tracking Customers

Chris Travers wrote:
> On 3/14/07, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
>> I second this suggestion.  Too many of my clients have a need for
>> multiples of each.
> Multiple addresses per contact?
> Or multiple addresses per company?

Both. You may have a home addresss, an office address, a contact may
spend half his time in the austin office the other half in the boston.

> The reason I ask is that until we get something AJAX-based, handling
> multiples of anything per anything else is going to require extra
> workflow steps.

I envision a screen that shows the primary contact information, with a
link that shows other, extra, additional (whatever we call it).

>  My understanding (correct me if I am wrong, Joshua)
> at least to allow multiple contacts per company in 1.3 and allow
> within the db other data to be stored.   And then in 2.0 when we are
> able to move to an AJAX model, allow multiple addresses, phone
> numbers, email addresses, etc. per contact from the workflow provided.

I think they are different things. IMO, 1.3 has your good old fashion
point and click, wait, resend model.

->Joshua D. Drake
  123 foo bar
  Portland, Oregon

  --> Additional Addresses (2)

I can click on Additional Addresses (as an example) for more info. THat
would send a post and retrieve info for display. Ajax would just do it
:) but that is later.

> Of course that might just be a default, and it might not be too hard
> to add that in for customers who really needed it.  But the number of
> round-trips might get annoying ;-)

If done properly it can done easily. Heck there is even some CSS we
could do (won't work with text of course) which would display it all at
once but hide things as we see appropriate.

Joshua D. Drake

> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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