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Re: Doc in tex...

--- Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Also one question that was brought up before and never really answered
> (I thought) was how we want to encourage non-technical users to
> contribute documentation. 
> (...)
> 2)  What formats will we accept documentation edits in?  Do we want to
> force bookkeepers and accountants to learn DocBook, or are HTML
> submissions fine?

I would encourage a plain-text 80-column wrapped rendering of the LaTeX or
DocBook source checked in to the repository. The plain-text should be rendered
after each LaTeX/DocBook source edit before commit, which is a small
housekeeping burden.

Accept tracker bugs_patches on that, but don't commit the patches. The
documentation maintainers can take the patch and apply the described change in 
the technical format, LaTeX/DocBook.

I think that even a non-technical documentation reviewer can learn to make a
diff against a plain-text documentation file and upload it to a bug tracker.
The few who can't will probably find someone willing to help, or at least those
proposed edits will be to a simple format.  

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