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Re: Doc in tex...

First, I think the plain text rendition is a very good idea.  As I
say, it is one thing to tell accountants and bookkeepers to download
LyX.  It is another to tell them to go to docbook.org and learn the
format so they can contribute to the documentation effort.  Having an
authoritative text rendition would allow people who don't want to have
to learn a format to contribute.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 3/14/07, Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..> wrote:
--- Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Also one question that was brought up before and never really answered
> (I thought) was how we want to encourage non-technical users to
> contribute documentation.
> (...)
> 2)  What formats will we accept documentation edits in?  Do we want to
> force bookkeepers and accountants to learn DocBook, or are HTML
> submissions fine?

I would encourage a plain-text 80-column wrapped rendering of the LaTeX or
DocBook source checked in to the repository. The plain-text should be rendered
after each LaTeX/DocBook source edit before commit, which is a small
housekeeping burden.

Accept tracker bugs_patches on that, but don't commit the patches. The
documentation maintainers can take the patch and apply the described change in
the technical format, LaTeX/DocBook.

I think that even a non-technical documentation reviewer can learn to make a
diff against a plain-text documentation file and upload it to a bug tracker.
The few who can't will probably find someone willing to help, or at least those
proposed edits will be to a simple format.

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