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Re: Doc in tex...

> 1)  I believe there are conversion utilities out there.  They won't
> convert the whole thing because the current manual uses vector drawing
> capabilities in LaTeX not found in DocBook.
> 2)  One will probably have to use pdf2ps and pstops to extract in
> postscript form, those pages which contain vector drawings.  Those
> could them be imported into The GIMP, cropped and saved in both eps
> and png formats.

Honestly, I would probably just do a mass copy and paste and format.

> Since DocBook doesn't do any rendering itself, my own suggestion is
> that we also maintain custom LaTeX .sty and HTML CSS files for
> handling the formatting information.  I can maintain the .sty, but it
> would be helpful if others could maintain the .css.


> Also one question that was brought up before and never really answered
> (I thought) was how we want to encourage non-technical users to
> contribute documentation. The current approach (use LyX as a graphical
> LaTeX editor) would probably have to be changed to "accept user
> submissions in HTML from programs like FrontPage or Word and manually
> merge them" or "force users (i.e. bookkeepers) who want to contribute
> to learn DocBook."  My own preference is with the former, but I don't
> have the time to commit to taking on that role.  We should probably
> settle that question before we do the conversion.

Honestly... Docbook just isn't that hard. Also commandprompt has a
utility it wrote to transform html to docbook if we must.

One thing I would note is that we should stick to docbook simple.

> So I guess those are the immediate questions:
> 1)  Who wants to take on the docuentation editor role?
> 2)  What formats will we accept documentation edits in?  Do we want to
> force bookkeepers and accountants to learn DocBook, or are HTML
> submissions fine?

I would say, plain text or docbook only.

Anyone can do plain text.

Joshua D. Drake

> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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