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AJA(*) data formats

Apropos recent AJAX topics: Do the core developers have any intention to use
non-XML data representation/transfer formats such as JSON or YAML in LedgerSMB?

I prefer working with JSON data for Web UI data transfers, and of course JSON
libraries are available for most languages by now.

On the server-side, YAML (coincidentally a superset of JSON) is probably
familiar to perl users as a CPAN package metadata format. YAML is surprisingly
readable for non-programmers, which leads me to think it would be a good
plain-text representation (and perhaps save-load API) for multi-entity
documents, such as Invoices.

I'd like to see LedgerSMB have a documented YAML representation for most
entities in the LedgerSMB schema.

If this were complete enough, a terrific feature would be a YAML-format
'journal' of all dataset transactions, in sequence, with alias links to all
referenced entities, in a plain-text representation.

As a series of YAML documents, this journal would be loadable by most scripting
languages. It might make an Auditor's job much easier, and make great secondary
backups. It could also be a compelling story for offering migration to other
systems, if LedgerSMB doesn't work out for a particular client.

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