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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....

We can start with Sourceforge for sure and then, if the core developers of LSMB think it's worth it, when they bring up their own versioning system, perhaps we can move it there?


Jeff Gerritsen wrote:
Thanks for the input. I've found some manufacturing documentation published on the web and I'm sifting through the material to develop commonalities to be used in developing a design plan or design document for review.

I'm thinking about creating a sourceforge project to post the information to and allowing for others comments?

Any thoughts?


On Saturday 27 January 2007 10:59, Charley Tiggs wrote:

I've never been part of an open source project either so I'm unsure of
where to begin either.  I'd start by looking at some of the RPG projects
that are already on source forge and see if we can't come up with some
commonalities among them, perhaps?  I suspect that'd tell us what the
basic feature set should be for the first release.  Just throwing out
ideas here.

I'm also all for limiting the feature set of the first release to
something sane unless we can get more interest and competent programmers
involved in the project as well.