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Re: lsmb , vtiger, rest api, DB-link and integration

On Tuesday 26 December 2006 15:29, V Vivek wrote:
> Hi,
> I am researching the  possibilities for integration of VTiger with LSMB
> with plans that it has support for RESTful api at some level but cannot
> find any in the svn head. Am I missing something?

No, there is some REST stuff but a) I haven't committed it, and b) it 
completely ignores authentication (for now).  I've used it successfully to 
implement an AJAX Autocomplete mechanism, so far it implements Part and 
customer lookup.

> What do you think is the feasibility of such an endeavour ?

It certanly is possible, and that is the intention of the REST API.

What kind of documents would VTIGER have to GET/POST to the API?  New 
customers?  Query existing customers?  Post sales orders/ Sales invoices?

> Is DB-link a good idea for integration ? I was thinking manipulating
> mysql(vtiger) from LSMB and manipulatin postgres(LSMB) from vtiger.
> Do you think this is a good way to go around ? I fear getting stuck to
> schemas for both vtiger and LSMB and worse part is loss of upgradeability.

This also works.  Be mindful that we're adding more stored procedures to 
manipulate the data in the schema in order to ensure data integrity and to 
ensure that future versions of the schema continue to work 3rd party modules.


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