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Re: Community Documentation Architecture, was LaTeX templates, was Docmentation/FAQs

Josh Berkus wrote:
> Chris,
>> Now regarding going with an all-XML template system, I think it is
>> *WAY* too soon to even be considering this.  Furthermore, I don't
>> think it to our benefit to suggest that people who move to our
>> software will need to redo all their custom templates at this time.
>> A few things to consider:
> Just to be clear: when *I* was speaking about document formats, I was 
> talking about the documentation for LedgerSMB, *not* check/report writing.  
> I believe that Josh Drake was talking about the same.

That is correct.

Joshua D. Drake

> The name of this thread, after all, is "Community Documentation 
> Architecture", not Report-Writing.


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