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Re: Is anyone working on a test suite?

Christopher Murtagh wrote:
>  Hi Chris,
>  I think I might have goofed and discarded instead of approved the
> sending of this to the list, because I saw that it had apparently come
> through, I had assumed you simply re-sent from a subscribed address,
> but didn't see that it was also sent directly to me. If this post
> doesn't make it to the devel list (SourceForge seems to be having
> trouble with email coming from GMail), can you please re-send to the
> list? I promise to try not to screw up again. :-)

Due to the current battle between gmail and sourceforge (it was even on
slashdot). Does it make sense to move our lists to lists.ledgersmb.org?

Joshua D. Drake

> Cheers,
> Chris
> On 10/2/06, cbbrowne <..hidden..> wrote:
>>> My own suggestion is that a test suite may begin to be useful at
>>> around 1.3 when certain parts of the application may become more
>>> stable.  Then we can expect that the test suite may take as long to
>>> develop as it takes us to re-engineer the entire application (maybe 6
>>> months to a year).  I think that the test suite should cover the
>>> portions of the application that are stable, and not those we hacen't
>>> gotten to yet.  This will allow us to define the application behavior
>>> as we develop the application.
>> Well, the "extreme programming" methodology is that you don't write code
>> until you've coded regression tests for the things you're about to
>> code.  I don't see any grand problem with having regression tests get
>> created pretty early...
>> By the way, this nicely points to the notion of preferring to use APIs
>> as opposed to "UPDATE this, INSERT that..." so as to make system
>> functionality exposed in a way that lends itself to easily writing
>> regression tests.
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