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Re: Is anyone working on a test suite?

Hi Chris,

I think I might have goofed and discarded instead of approved the
sending of this to the list, because I saw that it had apparently come
through, I had assumed you simply re-sent from a subscribed address,
but didn't see that it was also sent directly to me. If this post
doesn't make it to the devel list (SourceForge seems to be having
trouble with email coming from GMail), can you please re-send to the
list? I promise to try not to screw up again. :-)



On 10/2/06, cbbrowne <..hidden..> wrote:
> My own suggestion is that a test suite may begin to be useful at
> around 1.3 when certain parts of the application may become more
> stable.  Then we can expect that the test suite may take as long to
> develop as it takes us to re-engineer the entire application (maybe 6
> months to a year).  I think that the test suite should cover the
> portions of the application that are stable, and not those we hacen't
> gotten to yet.  This will allow us to define the application behavior
> as we develop the application.

Well, the "extreme programming" methodology is that you don't write code
until you've coded regression tests for the things you're about to
code.  I don't see any grand problem with having regression tests get
created pretty early...

By the way, this nicely points to the notion of preferring to use APIs
as opposed to "UPDATE this, INSERT that..." so as to make system
functionality exposed in a way that lends itself to easily writing
regression tests.
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