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Re: SOLVED! (was: Re: PostgreSql Version)

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 10:15 +1000, David Tangye wrote:

> It might not be Ubuntu's fault ...

Maybe. But after clearing _everything_ by hand there was no way of
getting my init.d scripts back. I am pretty sure that the base
"postgresql" transitional package includes both init scripts for 7.4 and
8.0.3 but the dependencies of that package force the 7.4 installation,
so I avoided this. What I did finally was install the postgresql-8.0 ,
postgresql-client-8.0 and postgres-common without the postgresql
transitional package, and created my own init scripts with
pg_ctlcluster. As another person (John I think) pointed out, apparently
Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06 TLS) already has pg 8.1.4 by default. Nevertheless,
I am quite sure that _anyone_ with a Debian stable server will have
similar problems with pg 8.x.

> >  I
> > de-installed 7.4
> ... did you specify to do a 'Complete Removal' in Synaptic? It appears
> not, as you later say you 'cleared all the directories, config files,'
> yourself. That is what 'Complete Removal' does.

Nop, I don't use synaptic. I'm still with the old crowd of apt. I
usually run dpkg -L to a file and then make sure that apt-get remove
actually cleans up everything. I guess it's an old habbit and I will
have to take a look at "aptitude" at least! Most of my machines don't
even have X, except the client machines which use Ubuntu. This install
was actually sui-generis for me because it's my wife's personal machine;
the rest are headless Debian servers.

> Backup the databases first :-). 


> I am not sure if 'Complete Removal' also
> removes them.

apt-get remove never touches the data nor config files (don't know how
Synaptic does it). This was part of the initial problem I had, by
"clumsy" I meant "me clumsy" but there is definitively a problem with
the transitional postgresql and pg 8.x packages in Ubuntu 5.10. But then
again, it wasn't that hard to solve.