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Re: LaTeX templates, was Docmentation/FAQs

I just wrote something of the sort. LedgerSMB should make a lot more use
of CPAN than SL did. And I really second the idea of using TT

On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 17:34 -0400, Jason Rodrigues wrote:
> I think we should embrace Template Toolkit for this.  TT has a lot of
> support 
> in the Perl community, and it's syntax is very easy. (And it  can work
> by 
> directly entering syntax into the OO.o writer!!)  We get a lot of
> plugins for 
> free, we don't have to deal with any working out any bugs in the
> original SL 
> template parser.
> One thing I never understood is why SL doesn't use any perl modules
> outside of 
> DBI.  I mean, it even parses CGI query params by hand -- CGI.pm 's
> been in 
> perl since 5.3 .  
> Chris, what do you mean by 'LyX-friendly' ?  Are there any specific
> things a 
> LyX-Friendly templating system ought to avoid .. ?
> Jason