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Re: LaTeX templates, was Docmentation/FAQs

On 9/21/06, Jason Rodrigues <..hidden..> wrote:

I think we should embrace Template Toolkit for this.  TT has a lot of support
in the Perl community, and it's syntax is very easy. (And it  can work by
directly entering syntax into the OO.o writer!!)  We get a lot of plugins for
free, we don't have to deal with any working out any bugs in the original SL
template parser.

I will have to look more into this.  It might be useful in creating UI
templates too :-)

One thing I never understood is why SL doesn't use any perl modules outside of
DBI.  I mean, it even parses CGI query params by hand -- CGI.pm 's been in
perl since 5.3 .

You will have to ask Dieter....

Chris, what do you mean by 'LyX-friendly' ?  Are there any specific things a
LyX-Friendly templating system ought to avoid .. ?

Percentage signs (%) which denote comments in LaTeX and are used in
this template system.


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