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>  A wiki is in the plans, just not setup/installed yet. Any suggestions
> on which wiki to use? I've never set one up before (I'm an old-school
> html guy, wiki syntax hurts my brain).

HTML is easy, and of course lowers the barrier of entry for anyone who wants 
to contribute additional richly formatted docs to the project.  We would need 
some rules in place to make sure things are formatted correctly, so that we 
could process the HTML to other forms.

Josh mentions DocBook XML, which I've seen used in other projects.  I also 
know there are numerous pre-built tools to get the source file into a bunch 
of formats.  I'm not familiar  with docbook's xml schema -- How hard is it 
for someone to get up to speed to be able to make useful contributions?

As for a Wiki, why not MediaWiki?  It's too bad that it's a php-based software 
(and this being a primarily perl project), but it is very popular and very 
versatile, and very actively maintained.  Many Users have seen Wikipedia, and 
are familiar with it's interface.

My only experience setting up a wiki is CGI::Kwiki, but I'm not confident 
enough in it's abilities to reccomend it's use for this project.