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Announcing 1.1.0

Hi all;

After a lot of hard work, LedgerSMB 1.1.0 has been released.   Changes include:


   * Added add_custom_field and drop_custom_field functions.
   * -- will be more integrated into API next version Added utility
to partially recover from SQL-Ledger data corruption issues.
   * Primary Key added to acc_trans table
   * DB Updates now use one transaction per update file.
   * FLOAT datatypes removed from database
   * Protection against duplicate transaction id's.
   * Added foreign key constraint to acc_trans.chart_id
   * Database backups now use pg_dump
   * Database creation routines now attempt to add plpgsql to the db
if not there.


   * One is required to change the admin password when it is blank
(on first login etc).


   * We now support adding custom automation into a custom.pl
   * Setup.pl use is now experimentally supported
   * Disabled editing sub-assemblies in one area where it is unsafe.
   * Utility included for near-real-time parts short email notifications.
   * Fixed Lynx support
   * Batch printing now available for checks
   * Warnings are printed when check stub is truncated
   * Sales Data Report added
   * SL2LS.pl now dies if it cannot open the files with instructions
on how to proceed manually
   * Links between admin and login pages
   * Experimental support for Windows printing

Also transaction reversal is now enforced by default for all dates.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers