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Difficulties inherent in Windows Printing-- Working but not easy

Hi all;

I got Windows printing working.  However, it is not straightforward to
set up and I am not enough of a Windows programmer to set this up.
The biggest technical issues have been solved by creating a wrapper
which sends the output of gsprint to NUL.  However one more serious
hurdle remains.  The problem is described and documented here:

Apparently you have to set up printers for the WIndows system account....

I suppose another workaround (if you don't want to make your printers
available to all users) would be to change account the web server runs

For 1.1, I am just going to document the problem and link to the
Microsoft article.  However, if there are Windows programmers out
there who want to automate this process, we would be willing to adopt
the patch.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers