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Re: Call for testing experimental patch

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 15:35 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:

> So there you have it-- an accounting program that might not know where
> your money or your merchandise went.
:-). Great isn't it.

> Hope that this make some sense.
Yes it does, and I do understand your situation.

If I sounded a bit annoyed before, its mainly with myself. You see, I
created an entire business trading and accounting support model between
1990 and about '94, using Oracle CASE. I think it had nearly 100
entities. I generated and ran some key bits, using their 'Forms' front
end. It was partly to demonstrate Oracle CASE and developer tools, and
maybe to make my gazillion from one day. :-) I kept the model data for
several years but I had a 'clean-out' a few years ago and a lot of stuff
was 'let go'.

BTW. when you get to it, you might merge *some* of the customer and
suppler (they are examples of roles) columns into 'party'?. Entitywise,
there is another entity call 'contact', another called location and
another called address. How you represent them physically is the issue.
Almost always, the more tables are closely aligned to entities, the more
robust and bug-free the system. Ie stay close to third normal form and
generally in the long term you cannot go wrong. Stray from it and you
generally get in a mess.