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Re: Yet another possible bug in LedgerSMB/SQL-Ledger

Hi Darrick;

We still need to keep track of all these problems.  The other two I
mentioned I will be filing "feature requests" on.  I think it would be
best to have low-priority inherited bugs seen as feature requests so
we can focus on more important items.

Any time you see something like this, please add it to the tracker.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 9/14/06, Darrick Hartman <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
> >From the SQL-Ledger bug report:
>                       Assembly-Subassembly editing broken
> You have an assembly, its partslist contains other
>  parts and other assemblies.
>  If you click on the button in the partslist and edit a
>  part , save it you are redirected to the original
>  assembly and everything is fine.
>  If you do the same thing with an assembly, contained in
>  the partslist things get screwed up.
>  You press save , the (sub)-assembly is saved but you
>  are not redirected to the original assembly.
>  If you press save another time the actual assembly
>  becomes a member of its own partslist. Another save, 2
>  times in his own partslist.
>  This is very bad....

I've noticed some very odd behavior with Assemblies.  Basically once
created it's created.  Making any sort of changes really messes things up.

Here's an example

I create an assembly, but forget to put in one part.  When editing the
assembly, I am unable to add the part then reorder the parts so they
appear correctly  in the BOM.  The parts move, but the cost does not.
At the point when this is happening, no assemblies were ever sold or

What I've always had to do is either delete the unused assembly or leave
it there, but create a new assembly from scratch (not doing a "save as
new") or anything like that.

Even if you don't add any parts, but just want to re-order the parts on
the BOM, the prices get all fubar.

My take on this is it's a problem, it needs to be noted and corrected at
some point, but the other issues are far more important.


Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC

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