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Re: Diverging applications

On 9/12/06, David Tangye <..hidden..> wrote:
The .pl scripts in bin/mozilla
are all different files. Furthermore some files in the root and
bin/mozilla have the same names, but they are not clones of the same

 No they're not, but the all of the bin/mozilla/[a-z][a-z].pl files
are the same file in bin/lynx (well they used to be, Chris cleaned
that up a bit by making the files in bin/lynx simply require the
bin/mozilla ones).

I dont know more than that, just stating what is obvious to me. It
**looks** like a hackers mess, but there will be historic reasons for
it, even if the reasons are irrelevant today.

 Yes, it is somewhat of a mess. At the moment the work that I'm
proposing doesn't change any real flow of the code, just re-organizes
it so that it's a bit simpler and cleaner.

My view of SLMB right now is :Go for it, change as much as you want. No
pain no gain right now. If anything breaks it should be relatively easy
to fix while few if any production systems are on it - I know mine are
not yet. Its probably worthwhile knowing when anyone starts putting true
production master data onto it (not production-image/-clone/-test) and
until then, go like hell and hack away while not constrained.

There are definitely people using it with production data now.

>  For custom scripts, I will create a custom directory, and provide an
> upgrade script from the current setup to the new one. Custom scripts
> are currently of the form 'bin/mozilla/custom_am.pl', and will become
> 'custom/am.pl'.
User installed 'plugins' of some type, eg custom shell? perl?

At the moment this isn't new functionality, it's simply re-org'ing
something that's already in place. We'll probably allow for more
interesting customization later with a better thought out API.

>  For user based custom scripts, they will also go into the custom
> directory, and simply be called 'username_am.pl'.
Would (LSMB)/users/bin/ be a logical directory?

Well, there's no reason for /bin/ in any paths, it doesn't add any
clarity and makes the file system structure more complex. There could
be an argument for having a /users/ and a /custom/ directory, however
in the current functionality it doesn't add much, and it conflicts in
that there's already a /users/ directory (which will be going soon too
I hope). Perhaps with the new API we can do more creative things.
Right now, my goal is to cleanup and simplify before adding new
things. This will make it a lot easier for us to determine when will
be the time to jump to the other side.