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Proposed file structure changes

Greetings folks,

Chris and I have been talking about a plan to clean up the code
structure. I've got a plan that I'm thinking of implementing unless
anyone has any strong objections. My main reason for this is to make
the code base clearer and simpler so that it's easier for new
developers to understand and less brainful for current developers
(brainful = pain + brain).

Here's what I'm thinking

I'm going to remove the bin directory, and drop all the [a-z][a-z].pl
files in place at the root level. At the moment, the normal code
execution is the top level 'am.pl' gets called, which requires menu.pl
and then it in turn requires 'bin/mozilla/am.pl'. This will change so
that am.pl will still execute the code from menu.pl and then continue
on within the same file. (all files except for menu.pl are identical
in bin/mozilla and bin/lynx).

For custom scripts, I will create a custom directory, and provide an
upgrade script from the current setup to the new one. Custom scripts
are currently of the form 'bin/mozilla/custom_am.pl', and will become

For user based custom scripts, they will also go into the custom
directory, and simply be called 'username_am.pl'.

The result of this cleanup is far fewer files (many of which are
dupes of each other), fewer hits to the file system for every page
load, and a simpler, clearer setup.

The only script that poses any sort of problem (and it's actually
trivial to solve) is the menu.pl script which is different in
bin/mozilla and bin/lynx. This will simply have a big
if('lynx'){..}else{} for the moment, but will probably get cleaned up
and re-org'd later as well.

Any concerns, thoughts or objections before I proceed?