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[ledgersmb-users] Re: 'Making Tax Digital' and HMRC in the UK
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: 'Making Tax Digital' and HMRC in the UK

On Sun, 12 Jan 2020 20:33:09 +0000
Nick Prater <..hidden..> wrote:


> Hello!
> I have been working on a branch to add UK Making Tax Digital 
> functionality for VAT reporting to LedgerSMB:
> https://github.com/nick-prater/LedgerSMB/tree/mtd-vat
> Work commitments last year meant that I haven't progressed this for
> over a year, but as far as I recall, the interaction with HMRC is
> complete - what's missing is the necessary reporting to extract the
> VAT return figures from lsmb.
> For my own business, I currently extract VAT return figures from lsmb 
> using a spreadsheet and data from Sales->Search and
> Purchases->Search. That works fine for my business, but for a more
> general solution, I remember discussing some additions to the schema,
> such as being able to flag accounts as being inside or outside the
> scope of VAT.
> In summary, if we can crack extracting the VAT return figures from
> lsmb, the functionality to submit this to HMRC is (or at least was)
> in place. Since I last tested, they've added mandatory 'fraud
> prevention headers', which may need revisiting.
> This is still something I'm keen to complete - especially if there is 
> interest from somebody else.
> Best wishes,
> Nick

Hallo Nick,

That sounds as if it's almost there. I'm willing to help out as and
when time allows, but I have to get lsmb working first. I also have an
ecommerce package that needs to be updated, and this has an admin panel
that does everything needed for sales and payment operations, but
nothing on purchases. I do plan to add that, and probably integrate
your module, but it's never going to be compliant enough with
accounting practices to satisfy an audit. So, assuming that lsmb is
compliant for the UK (I haven't seen this stated) then I will be
wanting to use that. I'm personally hopeless at accounting, so need
something that will do it right for me.

Currently lsmb is throwing internal server errors (possibly due to an
unblessed reference) and refusing my login, but I hope to get this
working sometime this week and will then look at how VAT might be


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