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[ledgersmb-users] Re: 'Making Tax Digital' and HMRC in the UK
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: 'Making Tax Digital' and HMRC in the UK

On 2020-01-11 16:19, Lyn St George wrote:

I see WebService::HMRC on cpan with a note that it was originally
developed for LedgerSMB, but I can find no reference to it in the list

Is there an existing implementation of this?


I have been working on a branch to add UK Making Tax Digital functionality for VAT reporting to LedgerSMB:


Work commitments last year meant that I haven't progressed this for over a year, but as far as I recall, the interaction with HMRC is complete - what's missing is the necessary reporting to extract the VAT return figures from lsmb.

For my own business, I currently extract VAT return figures from lsmb using a spreadsheet and data from Sales->Search and Purchases->Search. That works fine for my business, but for a more general solution, I remember discussing some additions to the schema, such as being able to flag accounts as being inside or outside the scope of VAT.

In summary, if we can crack extracting the VAT return figures from lsmb, the functionality to submit this to HMRC is (or at least was) in place. Since I last tested, they've added mandatory 'fraud prevention headers', which may need revisiting.

This is still something I'm keen to complete - especially if there is interest from somebody else.

Best wishes,

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