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Re: Sales Invoice

Hi Bob,

To clarify exactly what you want ( I think it's close to what I'm going
to need for a customer of mine)
could you perhaps do a mockup of what you want to enter on a timecard,
and what you want to see on the order/invoice

Preferably do this on the actual entry and or report screens and simply
take screenshots

Once I can see those I'll discuss with Erik and work on an
implementation that meets both sets of requirements.

David G
SB Tech Services

On 15/06/16 23:59, Bob Crandell wrote:
> Ok.  I've been poking at this for awhile and the use of
> Projects/Timecards isn't any better.  Converting a timecard to sales
> order loses all the detail we want the customer to see.
> Our goal is to let the customer know: when who did what to whom and how
> long it took.
> This is the basis for my suggestion for adjusting the input fields based
> on if it is a product or a service when filling out a Sales Order or
> Sales Invoice.
> Thanks
> On Tue, 2016-05-17 at 08:50 -0700, Bob Crandell wrote:
>> Hi Erik,
>> Let's get the bug out of the way.  I think it's working as designed
>> because there is no place to put a date for each activity - hence my
>> suggestion.
>> Then to your suggestion, I tried to create a time card but got this:
>> Attribute (business_unit_id) does not pass the type constraint because:
>> Validation failed for 'Int' with value undef at constructor
>> LedgerSMB::Timecard::new (defined at LedgerSMB/Timecard.pm line 277)
>> line 52
>> LedgerSMB::Timecard::new('LedgerSMB::Timecard', 'checkedin',
>> 'LedgerSMB::PGDate=HASH(0x7df4ef8)', 'qty', undef, 'business_unit_id',
>> undef, 'description', undef, 'parts_id', undef, 'curr', 'USD', 'jctype',
>> 1, 'non_billable', 0, 'partnumber', 'LBO', 'transdate',
>> 'LedgerSMB::PGDate=HASH(0x7df56d8)', 'total', 0) called at
>> LedgerSMB/Scripts/timecard.pm line 180
>> LedgerSMB::Scripts::timecard::save_week('LedgerSMB=HASH(0x42f8e80)')
>> called at lsmb-request.pl line 113 LedgerSMB::Handler::try {...}
>> at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.20.1/Try/Tiny.pm line 81 eval {...}
>> at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.20.1/Try/Tiny.pm line 72
>> Try::Tiny::try('CODE(0x43f0d60)', 'Try::Tiny::Catch=REF(0x43ed5a8)')
>> called at lsmb-request.pl line 125
>> LedgerSMB::Handler::call_script('timecard.pl',
>> 'LedgerSMB=HASH(0x42f8e80)') called at lsmb-request.pl line 88 require
>> lsmb-request.pl at /srv/www/htdocs/ledgersmb/timecard.pl line 8 
>> I don't know what a business_unit_id is.
>> "Report In" is a drop down list.  What is it for?
>> The error above happens when I enter a service partnumber.
>> This is version 1.4.28.
>> Have a nice day.
>> On Tue, 2016-05-17 at 10:14 +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
>>> Hi Bob,
>>>         When creating a sales invoice what do you think of adjusting
>>>         the input
>>>         line depending on whether the item number is inventory or
>>>         service.  If
>>>         the item is from inventory then the way the form is now is
>>>         fine.  If the
>>>         item is a service then the input line should change to show:
>>>         Item  Number  Date  Tech  Description  Qty  OH  Unit  Price  %
>>>         Extended
>>>         For a given customer we need to know who went out and when
>>>         along with
>>>         the stuff that is already on that line.
>>> Have you tried solving this problem through the use of timecards?
>>> There,
>>> you'll be able to register names of techs, dates, times and
>>> activities, link
>>> them to services with hourly rates, convert them to sales orders and
>>> invoices. You could even create logins for the techs to file their own
>>> timecards (to save you the typing). If that workflow doesn't work for
>>> you,
>>> could you take a minute to outline why not?
>>>         As a test I created a separate invoice for each time a tech
>>>         went to this
>>>         client.  After consolidating the invoices for this client the
>>>         dates were
>>>         lost.
>>> Ok. This could be a bugreport? I'm not sure what the output was, but
>>> if
>>> you had separate lines for each of the times the tech went to the
>>> customer,
>>> just not the date, then this should really be a bug report. If the
>>> lines get
>>> consolidated, then, well, there really isn't a good place to mention
>>> all the
>>> different dates.
>>> Hope you can find the time to go over the various options with us!
>>> -- 
>>> Bye,
>>> Erik.
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