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Emailing statements to account holders


 Is there a way to email account statements on a monthly basis to the
account holder?

 I browsed & searched in the manual & FAQ.  I couldn't find a mention of
such a feature.

 Happy to fork the project and attempt to implement the feature if it

 Alternatively, if there's a way to authenticate from the command line
(lynx, curl), I suppose I could use wkhtmltopdf and bash .

 We are a worker's cooperative in Gatineau, Quebec using the software to
track membership payments.  I have not used the software directly myself
yet as I don't manage the accounts.

Thank you & have a good weekend,

Julien Lamarche
..hidden..      --- 613-693-0684 xt 3515
Make innovation easy --- http://www.credil.org

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