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Installation on OSX Yosemite

I have started the installation for LedgerSMB for OSX Yosemite.  But 
after looking around for install instructions, I failed to find any 
which really felt all that useful.

Most of the instructions I found were for LedgerSMB with some kind of 
package manager which has a package built for LedgerSMB.  I suppose that 
could be done for OSX with something like MacPorts of Fink, which it 
seems you probably want anyway in order to install it.

I am also hoping to be building a new machine, most likely Gentoo.  But 
that will probably take some time to put together largely due to funds, 
and also that Gentoo takes a darn long time to put together anyway.

Jigme Datse

Datse Multimedia Productions
Tel:    250-362-5701
Mobile: 250-354-7094

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