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Re: Installation

This really looks like a "users" post rather than a "devel" post.  So am posting to both, and thinking unless someone can direct otherwise that it ends up going to the "users" list.

I have not seen anyone who has been using IIS for LedgerSMB.  I do think it totally *can* be done, but as IIS does things differently than Apache HTTPD, I would say that it will be a bit of a different process to set that up.

I seem to recall some discussion some time ago about Active Perl, and there being certain issues with it.  But that was some time ago.

I guess from my standpoint, I wonder if "Perl is working" means that Perl is actually being executed by IIS, when a .pl script is called through the browser.

That is certainly an issue that I have to address with my setup of LedgerSMB on OSX Yosemite, though I know I can probably do that as one of the "last" steps in the process.

LedgerSMB uses a handful (maybe 2 if you are using a tally system) of Perl modules which are generally not installed by default.

Also PostgreSQL needs to be setup itself.

So, while I see you are probably a good part of the way there, there are a number of questions which I have which I'm not sure you can answer:

1) Do you have a user setup in PostgreSQL that you can create databases with (when I last looked LedgerSMB needed to create databases itself, but it could be different now, as that was 2 "minor" versions ago.  (1.2.x version numbers).
2) Have you been able to install the Perl modules which LedgerSMB requires?
3) Is IIS properly executing Perl when a .pl script is called by a browser?

I guess that's probably a good place to start.

On 15/07/24 09:41 , Samuel Nicholas wrote:
> I have successfully installed the following:
> IIS7
> Active Perl
> PostgreSql
> Perl is working but I need some assistance in getting SMB Ledger up and
> running.
> Thank you in advance.
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