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Integrating LedgerSMB with a member database

  Dear LedgerSMB authors and users,

  I am one of the treasurers of an alumini association. I intent to
modernize our treasury, and I'm considering using LedgerSMB to do that.
  Our association has a PostgreSQL alumni database containing financial
data, such as which alumni paid their subscription, and I would like this
to be linked with our accounting data. The fact that LedgerSMB also uses
PostgreSQL to store accounting data is very promising from this point of
  So I have some questions to ask :

1) To ease integration between alumni and accounting data, I would like to
have them both in the same database. This implies to put accounting data in
a different namespace than alumni data to avoid name clashes. Is this
possible ? If I change the db_namespace variable in
/etc/ledgersmb/ledgersmb.conf, is it enough to ensure that LedgerSMB will
never do anything in namespace "public" ?

2) In that case, then my intent is to add a transaction in the accounting
data each time a new subscription appears in the alumni data, probably via
a TRIGGER. After reading some parts of the source, it seems to me that
adding a transaction just consists in :
a) adding a new line in table "gl" ;
b) for each account affected by the transaction, adding a new line in table
Is this correct ? Will this remain true in future versions of LedgerSMB ?


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