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Re: Clear competitive advantage

On 05/08/2013 19:57, Brian Wolf wrote:
> Our firm is hosting LedgerSMB for some clients and prepared to host 
> more. Speaking of tying in, we've written a tie-in with Amazon that is 
> in final stages of testing this week. It pulls sales orders from 
> Amazon and adds them directly to LedgerSMB. That will save a huge 
> amount of manual labor to (re-)enter them in LedgerSMB. We're looking 
> at adding integration with other marketplaces such as Google and 
> Overstock. We also plan to roll out very soon an integrated payment 
> screen; it will perform the credit card transaction in just a few 
> seconds, and add the payment transaction to LedgerSMB, too. These 
> types of integrations can boost LedgerSMB's usefulness, prominence and 
> marketability.
Would you be willing to share the ledgerSMB end of your Amazon 
integration? I wrote a similar integration for Oscommerce and LedgerSMB 
1.2 which is sort of in the public domain but I want to shift to 1.3 and 
stop using the forms interface and move to a stored procedure interface 
such as you have done. You seem to have done a lot of the ground work 
and there doesn;t seem much point in doing it again.


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