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Re: upgrade problem

Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking a look at this...
>         When I visit my page at http://ledger.computerisms.ca it shows
>         me I am
>         still version 1.3.29.  When I log into it it says the same
>         version.
>         But:
> Something is wrong here.  It sounds like something is being cached.
> Are you running over Plack/FCGI? If so you should restart to make sure
> the core libraries are reloaded.  However it sounds like some things
> haven't been updated. 

I considered a caching problem too.  I force reloaded, then I cleared
history/cookies/cache in my browser, then just to be sure loaded it up
in a browser on a different machine that had never been to that site.
So definitely not a cache on the browser side.  

Apache has no self-compliled modules, it's all from apt.  I do run the
mpm-itk so as to run multiple sites under different usernames.  I can't
see how that would be a problem, but it is probably the most (only?)
unusual thing about my setup.   

> Can you:
> grep VERSION  /var/www/ledger.computerisms.ca/LedgerSMB.pm

grep VERSION  /var/www/ledger.computerisms.ca/LedgerSMB.pm
our $VERSION = '1.3.31';
    $self->{version} = $VERSION;
    $self->{VERSION} = $VERSION;

- I got a whim:

grep -R VERSION ./* | grep 29
./blib/lib/LedgerSMB.pm:our $VERSION = '1.3.29';
./Makefile:#     VERSION => q[1.3.29]

- I unpacked the source code in /usr/src:

less /usr/src/ledgersmb/blib/lib/LedgerSMB.pm
/usr/src/ledgersmb/blib/lib/LedgerSMB.pm: No such file or directory

l /usr/src/ledgersmb/blib
ls: cannot access /usr/src/ledgersmb/blib: No such file or directory

- ^^ Is that a design or a clue?

- `sed -i s/1.3.29/1.3.31/ blib/lib/LedgerSMB.pm` did not fix the

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