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tax and scheduling


I have searched but not found suitable answers to my questions.  If
documentation exists that explains my answers, I would most definitely
appreciate a pointer, else I pose the following inquiries:

First question:  I have made a mistake entering customer, they are
supposed to be tax exempt and I put the check marks to include tax on
their account.  If I go back to the customer page=>accounts tab and
click the account number=>deselect the taxes=>click save changes, the
check marks show up beside the taxes again and I cannot seem to get rid
of them.  I am not sure if I am missing a procedural step in removing
taxes or if perhaps I am supposed to create a new account and stop using
the old one.  I guess the question would be is there a problem here or
am I just doing things wrong?  If the former, is there a work around?
If the latter, what is the correct procedure? 

Second question: I see when I create a sales invoice that I have the
ability to schedule it before posting it.  However I discovered that
scheduling an invoice without posting it first does not create an entry
in the recurring transactions window, but posting an invoice first then
scheduling it does put an entry in the recurring transactions screen.  I
found a bug 3602382 describing this problem was filed a couple of months
ago that is marked as fixed, however I do not see this fix listed in the
1.3.30 or the 1.3.29 changelog recently sent to this list, and I am not
clear from the bug report exactly what the fix was.  So the question to
ask; is there a way to schedule an invoice without first posting it? 

Thanks for any suggestions...
Bob Miller      
867-334-7117 / 867-633-3760

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