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Re: upgrade problem

psql:Reconciliation.sql:358: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "in_scn"
LINE 121:     in_scn NOT LIKE t_prefix || '%';

Just more on this one.   I have tracked down the source of the problem but not why my test cases didn't pick it up.  It only affects 1.3.31.  In your case you can ignore it for now (the upgrade will be run again, properly, when you upgrade to 1.3.32 or above).    Note that this means the heuristics fixes from 1.3.31 will not be available until 1.3.32 and you will be merely running your current reconciliation modules.  If this works, then no further fixes necessary for now.

For everyone else:
 If you are upgrading from any release from the last six months or so, you can ignore this error for now.  If you are upgrading to 1.3.31 from 1.2 or very early 1.3, you may need a fix from us.  Feel free to request or wait for 1.3.32 which should be out soon (you may want to upgrade to 1.3.30 first).

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
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