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Re: Inventory

Hi Zev,

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Zev Steen <..hidden..> wrote:
Thanks Erik,

When I create a Vendor Invoice and purchase a product. ÂIf I put a payment in at the same time (at the bottom of the Vendor Invoice) it automatically adds the items I purchased to my inventory once I select POST on the Vendor Invoice. ÂIf I then go into Shipping > Receive it does not show me that purchase to receive and my On Hand amount of that item is increased by the amount I purchased.

Right. I saw that too. If it is of any help, I found that there is a way to report total stock of an item: Go to the "Goods and services" -> "Reports" -> "All items" menu. If you run a report there, you'll find there's a "Qty" column in the output which is the amount "On hand". However, indeed (and somewhat disturbingly) there is a way to add lots of additional fields to the report, but *not* the warehouse.
It seems that once I purchase and pay for it, it is placed in my inventory without Receiving it first. ÂIt does not give me a choice as to which Warehouse it should go into so I cannot tell it to go into the IN_TRANSIT warehouse.

Indeed it seems to be like that. I can imagine it'd be possible to receive items already paid for by relaxing some constraints. Maybe we could discuss that subject on the development mailing list to see what's possible and what's not (within the current context) and if there are requirements on your side to be included in 1.5 or up?
I don't know of a way to see a list of what is in each warehouse so I don't know where it went.

Am I missing some crucial step here?


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