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contrib_dir directive? ledgersmb.conf? More help needed


In the INSTALL doc we have...

"Please note that the setup.pl file assumes that LedgerSMB is already configured to be able to access the database and locate the relevant PostgreSQL contrib scripts. In particular, you must have the contrib_dir directive set to point
to those scripts properly in your ledgersmb.conf before you begin."

Obviously - in the files we have ledgersmb.conf.default - but no ledgersmb.conf - so what am I supposed to do.

I guess I'm supposed to copy ledgersmb.conf.default to ledgersmb.conf - but I shouldn't have to guess as these are instructions.

And what is that bit about the contrib_dir?

On a fresh Debian squeeze install it looks like the contrib directory is at:


Again, something in the INSTALL file to tell the user to edit that line would be an idea.


Kevin Bailey

On 17/10/12 10:23, Kevin Bailey wrote:
On 17/10/12 00:27, Ye Chuah wrote:
apt-get install libmodule-install-perl
Thanks for that.

I suggest the INSTALL file needs changing.

In the section for squeeze add in something like:

"To be able to run 'perl Makefile.PL' you'll need to install
libmodule-install-perl.  This module is not needed for LedgerSMB itself
so can be removed after the install."

Otherwise the average installer will get completely stuck as I did.


Kevin Bailey

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