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Re: Transactions Displaying Incorrectly at Reconciliation

Hi Nick;

I see what's going on here.  I will look at trying to correct this sometime shortly after 1.3.20 ships.  Of course payments on the same date with the same source number, against the same vendor or customer, will still be aggregated together.

Probably the best thing to do right now is describe the current behavior.  It's not clear really whether this is "right" or "wrong" in my eyes.  But it is probably more surprising and opaque than the way you expect and so it should change.  Expect this change in 1.3.21.

The current behavior is to treat a single transaction as a group of transactions by account, customer/vendor, date, and source.  If source is not set (typically on journal entries) then the transaction reference is used.  Because your two transactions share all these characteristics, the lines get grouped together.  For journal entries, this was supposed to make it easy to adjust an entry for reconciliation purposes after the fact.  So here it sees the second transaction as a reversal of the first and aggregates these together.

However, what you can do for now (and probably should continue to do later) is to use the source and memo fields the way they are intended, which is as follows:

1)  The source field should reference a source document in the real world, like a check number, or a transaction number on a receipt.  If you are making these numbers up, keep them unique and write them on the documents so you can connect them later.

2) The memo field is for brief notes and descriptions of what the line is about.

In this case if "other" was in the memo field and the source was blank we wouldn't have a problem.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers