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Re: Transactions Displaying Incorrectly at Reconciliation

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 12:22 AM, Nick Prater <..hidden..> wrote:
> Can you please run a GL report for each of these transactions and include
> here information about what is actually in the transaction?  You can do
> this by using the journal entry number as the reference number.

Thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate it.

Here's the data from General Ledger->Reports:

>From May 01 2012 To July 16 2012
Amount >= 6.00 <= 6.00
Date       ID Ref  Desc Source Debit Credit Account
2012-05-11 39 3002 HSBC        6.00         7901 Bank Charges
2012-05-11 39 3002 HSBC              6.00   2100 Creditors Control Account

For future reference, it might be better to search on reference (3002 and 3003) because that way we have a better idea of what we have.

However this is not showing anything for 2012-05-11 for a current asset account.  I assume you are trying to reconcile 1200?
2012-06-02 39 3002 HSBC other        6.00   1200 HSBC Current Account

Ok..... so there is this line.
2012-06-02 39 3002 HSBC other  6.00         2100 Creditors Control Account
2012-06-02 67 3003 HSBC              6.00   7901 Bank Charges
2012-06-02 67 3003 HSBC        6.00         2100 Creditors Control Account
2012-06-02 67 3003 HSBC other  6.00         1200 HSBC Current Accoun

And this line.  Both have the same source, but not the same reference. So my guess is you are seeing "other" with an amount of 0 for 2012-06-02?  When you expect to see the initial line and its reversal separately?

Or am I off the mark here?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
2012-06-02 67 3003 HSBC other        6.00   2100 Creditors Control Account
                              24.00 24.00

These transactions relate to a bank charge that was subsequently refunded.

I hope that is what you mean by a GL report, but please say if I've
misunderstood or you need something else. I've used QuickBooks for many
years, but am still finding my way around ledgersmb (and like it very much
- thank you.)


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