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Transactions Displaying Incorrectly at Reconciliation

Two transactions, which show as un-reconciled in my bank account General
Ledger, do not appear correctly when I try to reconcile the bank account.

One of them displays, with an incorrect zero amount, in the "Mismatched
Transactions (from Upload)" section, although I have never uploaded a CSV
file to match.

The other does not display at all on the reconciliation page.

I have checked the dates correspond to the the bank statement I am trying
to reconcile.

I am now using 1.3.19, having just upgraded from 1.3.15 to see if that
would solve the issue.

There seem to be two issues at play:

1) Why is one of the transactions displayed with a zero amount within the
"Mismatched Transactions (from Upload)" section?

2) Why is an un-reconciled ledger entry not show on the bank
reconciliation report screen?

I have posted screenshots of the General Ledger and Reconciliation pages at:

I would be grateful for advice on how to debug this problem.

Many thanks and best wishes,