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Re: Printing ledger with corresponding account listed

Thanks, Chris

Ok, so as I understand your problem:

1)  you need all transactions associated with a specific account
2)  You need all lines on all these transactions.
1) Yes, I need all transactions associated with a specific account
2) Yes, all lines, but the only information needed is the opposing account name.

Note there is not necessarily a 1:1 correspondence.  For example in
your utility bill you'd have likely 4 lines:

1)  Expense
2)  AP in
3)  AP out
4)  Cash

Is this correct?

I tried pulling up the AP report and there's nothing to report. Perhaps its because I only enter data in the General Ledger account, where I enter each transaction individually with the corresponding equal amount for the opposing account in the following line.

Thanks again for your assistance.


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