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Re: Printing ledger with corresponding account listed

Thanks for the quick response, Chris
Can you provide a clear specification for the report output you are looking for?

1)  What subset of transactions should be listed?
2)  What lines in these transactions should be listed?

1) I need the opposing Account name of the trans
action on the same Reference journal entry in the General Ledger printout for each account individually.

For example, I input a transaction of a 5,000 yen hall fee using the General Ledger Transaction screen.
For the first line entry I chose the Cash account and input 5,000 yen in the Credit column
For the second line entry, I chose the Rent account and input 5,000 yen in the Debit Column.

(2) When I print out the Rent account ledger category, I currently can get the information in the second line entry, but I need the name of the corresponding Cash account to appear in the printout.

I'm sure there used to be a way to do it, because I used LSMB twice about three years ago to successfully get a ledger printout for my corporate return that satisfied my accountant and the tax authorities.

Sorry the explanation is so hard to understand.

There are probably ways to do this, and if there are not, then it is
likely that a back-port of the reporting framework (recently committed
to addons) from trunk would allow you to get there without too much

I sure there hope there is. I'd hate to have to delete the database and re-enter everything whild manually typing the corresponding accounts into the Notes or Memo section.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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