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Re: Printing ledger with corresponding account listed

Thanks, Chris

I am not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do.

You aren't likely to see cabbage sales on both sides unless that is
your invoice description.  More likely you might see:

Cabbage Inventory (right side credit), Cabbage Cost of Goods Sold
(Left Side Debit) if you have dedicated inventory and COGS accounts
for cabbage.
Sorry for the confusion.
 I need to print out ledger pages with the following items listed:
Date, Description, Corresponding double-entry account, Debit, Credit, and  Balance
Thus, if we were to print out the Cash account for the cabbage cash sales transaction, I would see something like:
2012.04.30, Cabbage sold to Bob,Cabbage Sales as the corresponding double-entry account, $1.00 in the Debit field, No amount in the Credit field and the cumulative balance.
Can you provide more info as to what exactly you are running into?

I check the Account box in the General Ledger Reports screen accessed by General Journal > Reports after entering the account to print (for example: 1040 for the Cash account).
The print output doesn't list the corresponding accounts (as an example, I paid my phone bill in cash so I should see a credit for the amount in the Cash ledger account with the corresponding Communications Expense account mentioned as the double-entry account it was posted against.
Thanks again!

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