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Re: Installation Instructions on Ubuntu Server 11.10

HÃvard SÃrli <..hidden..> writes:

> On 11. april 2012 23:29, Robbie Link wrote:
> > not find any other instructions for installation on Ubuntu. There seems to 
be no
> > automated installer available like there is for Postbooks. 
> The community has made one direct .deb install for ubuntu.
> On the.
> http://www.ledgersmb.org/download
> you find a url to:
> Ubuntu packaging: Getdeb: http://www.getdeb.net/software/ledgersmb

I originally tried that and followed all the instructions. Completed the 
install, and then tried to access through the browser at 
localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl (and just localhost/ledgersmb/, etc) and got a file 
not found. Apache did not get configured in the installation process, ledgersmb 
file permissions did not get changed to www-data, and the install was in 
/usr/share - I was expecting it to be in /var/www. Apache was already on my 
system and so I set up the configuration following that part of your 
instructions here. That worked but I was having other problems so I assumed it 
was a bad installation, uninstalled, and started from scratch using your full 
instructions here. 
That worked fine but after I wrote of my success here I logged off the computer 
and when I logged back in I got a 403 error trying to access ledgersmb so I'm 
having some problem with apache I haven't figured out yet. 

> > Also - I had to re-read a few times to figure out what username and password 
to enter to log on to Ledgersmb. Also got some graphic help from the original 
help file that you referenced at 
> Interesting. What could we do to make this more clear / easier to use ?
> (You have "fresh eyes". We depend on your feedback to make it better..)

Mostly it was just hard to read. I found the instructions here: 

All the commands have  backslash (\) linebreaks so multi-line commands can't be 
cut and pasted - have to be edited. And then you have to figure out if there 
should be a space or not as in:
"sudo sed \
-e "s|^contrib_dir =.*|contrib_dir = /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/extension|"\
-i /usr/local/ledgersmb/ledgersmb.conf"
Removing the backslash before "-i /usr/local...." results a not having a space 
and so that command failed until I tried adding a space. Just little things I 
had to figure out.

The command to change the postgres superuser password obviously contains the 
username (postgres) and the password (postgres) but it wasn't obvious to me 
until about the 5th reading of the instructions. A note saying "we are setting 
up the database with username postgres and password postgres" would have at 
least helped me. Maybe others see that right off.

Anyway - just minor complaints. Now I have to figure out why I'm getting that 
403 error.... 

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