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Re: Installation Instructions on Ubuntu Server 11.10

 <..hidden..> writes:

> I have prepared a list of commands to install ledgersmb on a clean Ubuntu
> Server 11.10 installation.
> I found problems with the existing Ubuntu installation instructions at:
> http://www.ledgersmb.org/help/install/Ubuntu_Installation_Tutorial_LedgerSMB-

Wow - I didn't think it would this complicated to try out Ledgersmb but I could 
not find any other instructions for installation on Ubuntu. There seems to be no 
automated installer available like there is for Postbooks.

So - many thanks for putting this together. I used it for Ubuntu 11.04 since my 
old machine won't handle 11.10. Everything worked except I had to edit 
ledgersmb.conf to direct to the correct contrib_dir for my system.

Also - I had to re-read a few times to figure out what username and password to 
enter to log on to Ledgersmb. Also got some graphic help from the original help 
file that you referenced at 

So thanks again. It works, I can play around now and see if I like this better 
than Postbooks.


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